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Officers use Taser on suspect after chase
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Covington officers responded to an in-progress vehicle break in. Upon arriving, the first responding officer witnessed Dagger Grier looking out the back window of a 1999 black Ford Super Duty truck and slump down into the passenger seat.

When the officer approached the vehicle and gave a command for Grier to show his hands, he jumped out of the truck's passenger window and ran towards the woods.

Officers searched the woods and a vacant house for Grier. Grier was spotted running along a small stream and several officers surrounded him, commanding him to lie down.

However, Grier wrestled with the officers and resisted commands to roll over onto his stomach and place his hands behind his back. An officer used a Taser to administered a shock to Grier. After, Grier rolled over and allowed officer to place handcuffs on him. However, he refused to stand to his feet. It took four officers to pick Grier up and place him in the patrol car.

After arresting Grier for entering an auto and two counts of obstruction of an officer, the first responding officer went back to document the crime scene. The officer noted that Grier had taken a rock and busted out the passenger side window and looked through all of the truck's internal compartments.

Man walks out of Kroger with stolen glasses on
A Covington officer responded to a report of shoplifting at the Kroger on Highway 278.

The Kroger associate told the officer that she observed Timothy Hall take a pair of $24.99 reading glass out of its packaging. Hall then walked out of the store with the reading glass on and did not pay for them.

Hall was arrested for shoplifting.

Rite Aid employee arrested for false returns
Rite Aid manager Virgil Givens reported that employee Melinda Brown, had committed thefts.

Givens stated that Brown had been making fraudulent returns for cash - a total of 22 returns for approximately $500.

Brown also gave a statement concerning the incident and Givens provided the officers with video of the incidents.

Brown was charged with 22 counts of embezzlement.