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NHS students get international
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The Humanities Department of Newton High School hosted its first annual International Festival Wednesday Nov. 14.

Throughout the duration of the school day, student's grades 9th through 12th developed a cultural experience amongst the countries of Italy, Morocco and Peru.

Nikkita Warfield, Newton High School's Academic Coach said she was enthralled and believes this program will prepare students for future endeavors culturally and diversely.

"This was a great opportunity for our students to experience native languages, food, clothing, music, activities and more from various cultures of study," Warfield said.

"This culturally diverse opportunity and others assists us in taking a holistic approach to educating our students. We are concerned about the whole child intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically."

Warfield brought about the idea for global international studies to NHS Principal Dr. Craig Lockhart, who agreed this program would take students minds to new heights, and broaden their mental horizon to various cultures. When it was then accepted by Humanities Department Chair Karina Grewe.

"We live in a global society in which, thanks to technological advances, allow us to communicate with people around the planet. Moreover, our students must compete for jobs, not just against students at neighboring high schools, but against students across the world. The International Festival exposes our students to new cultures and thereby increases their worldview. I am excited for the students," Lockhart said.

From the Moroccan pottery to the Peruvian rice pudding, each student worked vigorously in every area of the festival, and believe it has not only helped them understand other cultures, but also other areas of curriculum in school.

"I know more about the world now, and it opened my mind to different places," Senior Haley Rogers said."I am taking a Spanish class and it has helped me learn not just about the language, but also about the country."

The students have worked on the festival for the past two weeks, and made every item presented throughout the festival. With the programs success, the humanities department will host a second annual festival. They have not yet decided when.