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Newton residents receive $2,300 in disaster assistance
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Newton County residents received $2,300 in disaster assistance following the county being declared a major disaster area on April 29.

Newton was one of the least affected counties by April's storm and tornadoes, but 25 residents applied for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Cartoosa and Dade counties were the hardest hit, with a combined 1,864 residents receiving $1.78 million.
The money paid for temporary rental assistance, home repair costs and assistance toward replacing destroyed homes.

Newborn was the local town hardest hit by the April 28 tornado, which had 105 mph winds. The town sustained $125,000 in cleanup costs. The town received additional federal monies to reimburse some of those expenses.

A total of nearly $15 million in federal disaster assistance was given to residents, businesses and governments.