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Newton County Jail Log - Jan. 6
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o Ernest Dwayne Brown, 45, 876 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Dec. 12. Family Violence Act simple battery.

o Ronald Alan Burston, 31, 958 Dixie Road, Covington, Dec. 15. Fleeing or attempting to elude, possession of cocaine, driving while license suspended.

o John Dake Clark, 40, Loganville, Dec. 9. Driving while license suspended.

o Justin Shane Colson, 26, Tucker, Dec. 10. Improper lane usage, duty of d river to stop at or report, DUI alcohol less safe, habitual violators.

o Calvin Wayne Cribb, 57, 279 McGiboney Road, Covington, Dec. 12. DUI alcohol, improper lane usage, duty of driver to stop at or report.

o Juhwan Marquis Davis, 17, 305 Bridges Way, Covington, Dec. 14. Battery of school official.

o Kwnae Shaunthraill Davis, 24, 200 Plum Orchard, Apt. B, Covington, Dec. 15. Operation of vehicle without current license, fleeing or attempting to elude, removing or affixing license plate, license to be carried and exhibited.

o Alvin Dix, 40, 115 Landon Way, Covington, Dec. 10. Deposit account fraud.

o William Martin Fonda, 24, Conyers, Dec. 13. Public drunkenness.

o Kayla Ashton Frady, 18, Monroe, Dec. 12. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, furnishing to, purchase or possession.

o Bryan James Geiger, 17, 10921 Ga. Highway 36, Lot 11, Covington, Dec. 9. Criminal trespass.

o Andrea Michelle Hammond, 41, 5141 Hartsook Dr., Covington, Dec. 11. Theft by conversion.

o Joshua LaFabian Hardeman, 20, Decatur, Dec. 15. Failure to appear.

o Joshua Lawrence Hayes, 28, Social Circle, Dec. 11. Failure to register.

o Tiawanna Denise Henry, 38, 40 Bunting Place, Covington, Dec. 12. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct.

o Terry Hodges, 43, 11 Spring Valley Court, Covington, Dec. 11. Possession of marijuana.

o Bradley Michael Hogan, 41, 10102 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Dec. 9. Loitering or prowling.

o Ericka Lashanda Holsey, 29, 8303 Lakeview Dr., Covington, Dec. 9. Deposit account fraud.

o Ashley Nicole James, 21, Conyers, Dec. 10. Burglary.

o Ira Lavelle Johnson, 34, 10128 Waterford Road, Covington, Dec. 11. Driving without license.

o James Johnson Jr., 55, Jonesboro, Dec. 15. Deposit account fraud.

o Tony Lee Johnson Sr., 50, 520 Piper Road, Covington, Dec. 12. Possession of cocaine, possession and use of drug related objects.

o Latasha Keyonna Jones, 23, 10103 Hidden Branches way, Covington, Dec. 15. Contempt of court, three counts deposit account fraud.

o Randy Joe Jones Jr., 24, 205 Anderson Circle, Covington, Dec. 13. Public drunkenness.

o Tera Nicole Kirby, 33, Monticello, Dec. 14. Deposit account fraud.

o Casey Aaron Lancaster, 17, 45 Brookhollow Way, Newborn, Dec. 9. Criminal trespass.

o Kevin Jamahl Lawal, 19, 120 Lumby Lane, Covington, Dec. 14. Theft by shoplifting.

o Jonathan David Lightner, 20, Conyers, Dec. 12. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Jacquelyn Elaine Mann, 17, 125 Orchard Dr., Covington, Dec. 12. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

o Brandi Nicole Marks, 18, 210 1st Ave., Covington, Dec. 13. Theft by shoplifting.

o Charles Hphear McBryde, 33, 330 Shiver Blvd., Covington, Dec. 11. Probation violation, public drunkenness.

o Connie Jean Meador, 50, 405 Heaton Road, Covington, Dec. 9. DUI alcohol, improper lane usage.

o Kristin Nicole Mendat, 28, 1797 Kirkland Road, Covington, Dec. 11. No proof of insurance, failure to stop.

o Terry Lasharn Milliner, 44, Conyers, Dec. 11. Reproduction of recorded material.

o Allen Jesslee Myers, 30, 125 A Russell Braden Road, Covington, Dec. 14. Driving without license, too fast for conditions, following too closely.

o Steven Alan Nelson, 21, 5508 Wamakonata Trail, Oxford, Dec. 15. Probation violation.

o John Anthony Norman, 37, 35 Alta Road, Covington, Dec. 10. Burglary.

o Gary Taylor Owenby, 20, homeless, Dec. 12. Family Violence Act criminal trespass, Family Violence Act simple battery.

o Janie Christina Palecek, 20, 49 Champman Road, Covington, Dec. 13. Furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Tonya Melissa Payne, 29, 10102 Magnolia Heights, Covington, Dec. 9. Loitering or prowling.

o James Harden Ramey, 39, Social Circle, Dec. 14. DUI, improper lane usage, open container.

o Luis Manue Rivas-Talancon, 37, 10185 Henderson Dr., Dec. 12. DUI, driving while license suspended, improper lane usage.

o Pablo Alburto Rodriguez, 20, 9144 Washington St., Covington, Dec. 11. Driving without license.

o Joann Rose Russo, 50, 190 Deep Springs way, Covington, Dec. 13. Disorderly conduct.

o Stephen Justin Ryals, 20, 1644 Greendale Road, Covington, Dec. 11. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, furnishing to, purchase or possession of alcohol by minor.

o Monty Samuel Sharpton, 42, 6157 Gordy St., Covington, Dec. 13. Public drunkenness.

o Pajela Michell Smith, 41, Clarkston, Dec. 11. Disorderly conduct.

o Vickie Renee Smith, 54, 10145 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, Dec. 10. DUI.

o John Alan Stanulus, 25, 30 Roberts Lane, Covington, Dec. 9. Court sentenced.

o Tiffany Marie Stephens, 34, Conyers, Dec. 9. Contempt of court.

o Quinmorris Andtrell Tate, 24, 458 Smith Store Road, Covington, Dec. 13. Criminal attempt, criminal trespass.

o Mary Elizabeth Trammell, 43, 100 Wellington Trail, Covington, Dec. 11. Forgery in first degree, theft by conversion.

o Adrian Antonio Tucker, 31 10813 Wellington Dr., Covington, Dec. 13. Open container.

o Demetrius Megal Tuggle, 40, 59 Ridge Road, Covington, Dec. 9. Six counts child support default.

o Sharterio Deshaun Wooten, 21, Macon, Dec. 9. No seat belts.

o Theodore Henry Atkinson, 25, 125 S. Greenfield Circle, Covington, Dec. 19. Aggravated stalking, criminal trespass.

o Javier Hidalgo Bautista, 25, 8129 Lakeview Dr., Covington, Dec. 18. Court sentenced.

o Matthew Scott Beam, 23, 9169 Lakeview Dr., Covington, Dec. 19. Child support default.

o Herbert David Beasley Jr., 27, 104 West Watson St., Oxford, Dec. 16. Sentenced to work release.

o Joseph Sammy Bowen, 35, Madison, Dec. 19. Probation Violation.

o Saye Henderson Braucht, 24, 95 Parr Farm Dr., Covington, Dec. 21. Court sentenced.

o Walter Lewis Brown, 49, 3240 Northwest St., Covington, Dec. 18. Sentenced to work release.