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Newton County Jail Log
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A Newton High School student was arrested for underage drinking on Thursday. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to the school's suspension room just before 1 p.m. where a juvenile male was sitting at a desk. According to the report, the teen was leaning against the desk and covered in vomit. An assistant principal searched the student's book bag and found a clear plastic water bottle containing a clear liquid, which was believed to be vodka. The deputy contacted EMS and called the teen's mother, who also arrived on the scene. The student was taken to the hospital and the case was turned over to juvenile court.

Conyers man reports damage to vehicle

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to Valley Brook Drive in reference to damage to property on Sunday. The deputy spoke to a Conyers man who said he parked his 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander in front of a residence on Valley Brook Drive and then walked up the street to a gathering at a friend's house. Around 7:40 p.m., the man was told that someone smashed out a window from a vehicle down the street. The man checked his vehicle and noticed there was no back window. The deputy reported that there were pieces of glass on the ground and two small rocks on the ground next to the vehicle. There were also pieces of glass and a small rock inside the vehicle. The man said he wasn't from the area and wasn't sure who would have damaged his vehicle.

Political sign stolen from Oxford home

A man told a deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office that someone stole a political sign from his driveway. The deputy responded to a home at Gum Creek Road in Oxford in reference to a theft on Thursday. The deputy spoke to a man who said in the last few days someone had stolen the political sign. The man said it was a large sign that was tied to fence posts and that the posts were missing too. The man told the deputy that someone had damaged the sign previously by cutting the zip ties on one side of it, but he fixed it. He also said his phone line near the telephone pole had been cut on Sunday, but he wasn't sure if it was related to this incident or if someone hit it with a mower.

Woman lets wanted coworker move into her home

A Fayetteville man was arrested Saturday afternoon for outstanding warrants after authorities were called about a potential child molestation.

Newton County Sheriff's Lt. Keith Crum said that a woman called authorities reporting a rape. When deputies arrived a dispatch operator told them that a neighbor had called and said they could hear a woman and kids "screaming hysterically" and that a young boy was at the door to the home screaming, and a woman ran out into the street with a small female child. The neighbor said the woman was "rambling" that she had two kids and a male in the house, and that the male had a weapon and had been drinking.

When deputies made contact with the woman at the home, she identified the man inside as Nicholas Horacio Thompson, they learned he was a coworker of the woman, and she had recently allowed him to move into her home with her and her three small children. She reportedly told deputies that her 4-year-old daughter had made an outcry to her, saying that she had been molested by Thompson.

The claims made by the young girl are still under investigation. Thompson had several outstanding warrants from surrounding counties. He was arrested and transported to jail.

Drunk man fires off round after fight

A Covington man was arrested early Sunday morning after deciding to fire a round from his gun into the air outside his mobile home following a fight with his wife.

John Anthony Anglin and his wife had been out drinking when they got into an argument. They decided to head home but the argument continued there. At one point, Anglin's wife walked out and he reportedly got angry, throwing his iPhone through a glass door, shattering it. He then reportedly went onto the back porch and fired a round in the air.

The wife and neighbors called for assistance. According to Krum, Anglin was fine and had just been drinking. His gun was taken from him and he was taken to jail.