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Newton County chooses Trump, Clinton
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A total of 16,679 Newton County residents voted in person for the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary Tuesday, including these people on line at the Covington Branch of the Newton County Library.

Super Tuesday was a big day for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Newton County.

The two presidential candidates were chosen as the front runners in the Republican and Democrat parties, respectively, among Newton County voters in Tuesday’s presidential preference primary.

Clinton received 78.03 percent of Newton’s vote, with 7,269 of Democrat voters. Bernie Sanders was second among Democrats with 2,001 votes, or 21.48 percent.

Trump edged out Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and several other Republican candidates with 43.97 percent of Republican votes (5,626) in Newton County. Cruz received the second highest total of votes among Newton County Republicans with 27.29 percent, or 3,492. Rubio was third with 18.97 percent (2,427), Carson fourth with 5.75 percent (736) and John Kasich fifth with 2.78 percent (356).

Of Newton County’s 51,297 registered voters, 22,144 cards were cast.

Republicans cast 10,003 votes at the polls, 188 were mailed in absentee, 2,605 were in-person early votes for the Republican nominees. On the Democrat side, there were 6,676 votes cast at the poll, 116 mailed in absentee and 2,524 in person early votes.