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New pavers to honor longtime businesses
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Covington City Councilwoman Janet Goodman wants to honor the handful of families who have maintained their businesses on the Square for 50-plus years.

The council agrees with her, recently passing an ordinance that allows such families to request pavers.
Ramsey Furniture was first out of the gate, requesting a paver last week. It will receive its paver soon. A couple other businesses certainly qualify, including The Town House Café.

The pavers will resemble those installed in the sidewalks in recent years to memorialize movies and TV shows filmed in Covington, Hollywood stars who have been here for work (like Dom DeLuise, Burt Reynolds and various “Vampire Diaries” stars). Other pavers recognize longtime city or county employees, as well as a postal worker.

The pavers make for a popular scavenger hunt for tourists, who often photograph pavers with popular actors’ names.