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New civic organization, 2 Cups of Kindness, to hold first meeting
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Newton County resident Dorothy Frazier-Piedrahita will be hosting an informational meeting for her new civic group, “2 Cups of Kindness,” at the Porter Memorial Branch Library on Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Frazier-Piedrahita has a background in social work and workshop facilitation as well as a distinguished career in economic development. After recent knee replacement surgery, she came up with the idea for a group of local residents working together to help make Newton County a kinder place.

“I wrote down all the kindnesses people did for me and I saw my cup was overflowing,” Frazier-Piedrahita says. “So, I started writing down what kindnesses I was doing for others. I had two cups and… it brought me such joy and happiness.”

Adults and children are welcome at this meeting where positive information and inspiration will be shared about organizing a grassroots effort to help make Covington “a city of kindness.”

“We gain more if we treat one another with respect and kindness rather than hatred and biogotry,” Frazier-Piedrahita says. “I can really see this idea of ‘2 Cups of Kindness’ going far.”

Porter Memorial Branch Library is located at 6191 Highway 212 in Newton County. For more information, contact Dorothy Frazier-Piedrahita at (770) 385-1940 or