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NCSO won't investigate alleged improper touching by first-grader
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Officials with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said an incident involving a 7-year-old male touching other female students at West Newton Elementary school will be handled internally by the school system.

According to media reports, information was released last week from NCSO stating that a 7-year-old male elementary school student allegedly inappropriately touched three fellow female students, who reported what happened to a teacher at the school.

Sherri Davis-Viniard, director of public relations for Newton County Schools, said the incident happened Wednesday, March 5 between first -graders.

She said parents of the students directly involved were notified right away.

"As soon as the school system learned of the incident, they launched an investigation and notified local law enforcement," Davis-Viniard said.

Capt. Keith Crum said Tuesday that the sheriff’s office would not take further action at this time based on the status of the case.

He said the school system would determine what happens to the student.

"There wasn’t a statute violation due to the children’s age and we wouldn’t release any further information because of that," Crum said.

"The incident is being handled internally at the school, as it should be. And the school is taking whatever action that they deem necessary. "

According to information from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, a person "shall not be considered or found guilty of a crime unless he or she has attained the age of 13 years at the time of the act, omission, or negligence constituting the crime. "

Davis-Viniard said appropriate action has been taken regarding the incident.

"We have been in contact with the parents of the students involved and the student in question has been disciplined," she said.

Davis-Viniard said after an investigation was completed, the principal sent home a school messenger call notifying all parents at the school about the incident.