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Naked, intoxicated man found beaten
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A man who reportedly was intoxicated and naked was found in the woods in the area of Ford Street Sunday night.

A report said officers with the Covington Police Department responded to Ford Street just before 10:30 p.m. after receiving reports that a male had possibly been assaulted in the area.

Officers spoke with a woman and three juvenile males who were reportedly standing at the edge of a brushy area where a white male was found lying face-down on the ground and naked.

The male was reportedly semi-conscious and had scratches from the brush on his back. He also was bleeding and swollen in his facial area, the report said.

Officers asked the woman if she knew what happened, and she said that the three juveniles came to her house and told her that a man was lying outside.

One of the juveniles reportedly said that someone named "Jessie" had beaten the man. When one of the officers asked the juvenile how he knew that information, the juvenile said he heard someone he didn’t know in Sterling Lakes talking about it.

When officers asked the three juveniles how they discovered the man, they reportedly said that they had walked a path from Sterling Lakes to Ford Street and found him. In addition, one of the juveniles later told an officer that while walking, they ran into another man who told them there was a man in the woods who had been beaten up.

According to the report, as the victim was being treated by EMS at the scene, he was asked his name and asked what happened to him. But according to the report, he only made sounds that were not understandable.

Another officer who arrived was able to identify the man from the previous night. The man was flown to the Atlanta Medical Center for further treatment.

Officers checked the area and found a red shirt and a cigarette lighter in the street. Officers also found what appeared to be the man’s belongings, including his reportedly missing wallet, an empty prescription bottle with the man’s name, a small bottle of Fireball liquor, cigarettes, eyeglasses, cowboy boots, a black pair of undergarments and a pair of blue jeans. The items were collected for evidence.

Officers went to homes in the area looking for witnesses. One woman reportedly told an officer that she noticed a man with no shirt or shoes walking toward a driveway on Ford Street. However, no further details were given.

An officer who called the Atlanta Medical Center later to check on the man was told that he was "extremely intoxicated," on a ventilator as a precaution, and had possibly suffered an orbital fracture.