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Missing woman found after involved in car accident
61-year-old Brenda Thompson vanished from a shopping center yesterday, but was quickly located after she was involved in a single-car accident.

When the Ford Lincoln with Brenda Thompson waiting in the passenger seat disappeared from the parking lot at the Kroger store on Highway 20, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) responded quickly.

A “Be On the Look Out” (BOLO) for the frail and ill 61-year-old was immediately issued as well as a Mattie’s Call, used by law-enforcement to locate missing elderly or otherwise disabled people.

Just a few hours later, Thompson was found in DeKalb County, after she was involved in a single car accident. She was behind the wheel, alone, when she hit a fixed object. She was transported to Grady Health Care System in Atlanta for treatment.

Thompson, who had earlier gone for dialysis, is on oxygen. Around 11 a.m., yesterday, her husband had run into the Kroger Pharmacy to pick up his wife’s prescription, leaving the keys in the ignition. When he returned to the car, the vehicle with Thompson inside, was no longer there.

In the follow-up investigation, NCSO determined there was no foul play. Thompson, according to the NCSO, is being treated for medical conditions and dementia.