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Mansfield approves budget after four-month delay
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 The Mansfield City Council will finally approve its 2009 fiscal year budget on May 11 after a four-month delay. Mansfield operates on a January through December budget cycle, but City Clerk Pat Mullins said with her hip replacement and the mayor’s knee replacement, the budget process has been delayed in 2009.

 "We’re the ones who do the budget (so that’s why it was delayed)," said Mullins, who just returned to work today after a month-long recovery.

 Mansfield will continue to operate on the same 2008 budget until May 11, similar to the town of Newborn, which recently passed its delayed 2009 budget on March 16.

 Mansfield’s 2009 general fund budget is $194,000, up from $164,500 in 2008. The city is budgeting to receive $10,000 more in property taxes, because of an increased number of houses, Mullins said.

 The city is expecting a continued housing increase and budgeted more revenue from water and sewer taps. However, people have been cutting back on electricity, including the Beaver Manufacturing Company Inc., resulting in decreased electricity sales, Mullins said.

 The city electric budget for 2009 is $787,000 down from $900,850 in 2008.

 The city also has increased insurance premiums for worker’s compensation, because of an incident where a man working on electric lines suffered burns. Other line items remained similar to 2008.