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Man struck by stick after groping woman
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A man was hit in the face with a stick early Sunday morning, after reportedly groping a woman on Bohannon Street.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were called to the area of Bohannon and West Street at 3:54 a.m. about a noise complaint. When they arrived, they found a small crowd of people gathered in the roadway near a home on Bohannon.

The officers allegedly noticed one woman holding a stick in her hand and yelling at another woman. When the officer told the woman to drop the stick, she complied and the woman allegedly told them that she was upset because the other woman’s daughter had struck 32-year-old Troy Donahue Wright in the face "with that stick."

The other woman told officers that she was not present when her 24-year-old daughter hit Donahue but that she had been told by others about the incident. She allegedly told officers that she did not know where her daughter was but that she had walked toward West Street just minutes before they arrived.

Officers spoke with Wright and could immediately smell the odor of alcohol coming from his breath, according to reports. He was also bleeding from the mouth. Wright reportedly told officers that he had been in a physical altercation with the 24-year-old woman and that she had slapped him in the face "after he groped her butt and crotch."

He allegedly told officers that after she had slapped him, he "grabbed her butt again," which is when she picked up a stick and struck him in the face with it. He said the two had initially been arguing over $5.

Officers then spoke with the female who reportedly told officers Wright had groped her several times after she told him to stop, which is why she slapped him and hit him with the stick "in self-defense." She told officers that after she slapped him the first time he became enraged and threw her to the ground, which is when she picked up the stick.

Wright was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct but not transported to the Newton County Detention Center due to the bleeding wound to his mouth.