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Man shot after alleged robbery
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After receiving a burglary call on Hwy. 162 South, Newton County Sheriff’s deputies reported a man had been shot in the back.

According to reports, the man was part of an attempted burglary.

The victim told deputies three black males tried to rob him, and shot at him when he tried to run.

The three male suspects fled the scene in an unknown vehicle. The case is currently under investigation.

Leave the joint alone

After officers noticed a truck parked on the side of the curb near the Covington Lodge, an open beer bottle was seen through the window and a marijuana cigarette was reportedly discovered Thursday.

According to reports, Covington Police were curious why the white Ford F-250 was not parked in a parking spot. Officers then, reportedly, saw a beer bottle sitting on top of the fold-down center council arm rest.

Upon exiting the squad car, an officer saw a black male, later identified as Quantravious Floyd, turn his body away and, reportedly, attempt to put something inside the open beer bottle. The office then opened the door and saw Floyd drop “what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette” on the floor board.

After Floyd was told by the officer to step out of the truck, he immediately bent over and attempted to reach down on the floor board, according to reports. The officer then grabbed Floyd by the arm and told him to keep his hands where he could see them and to get out of the truck.

According to reports, the officer was concerned that, due to the fact that Floyd appeared nervous and had suspected narcotics, he could have a weapon.

Floyd was then placed under arrest and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce.