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Man robbed while doing laundry
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A man was reportedly robbed while he was in his back yard hanging laundry on Saturday. A Covington police officer responded to Nixon Circle at noon and spoke to a woman who said her son had been robbed. The police officer spoke with the woman's son who said he was in the back yard of his residence hanging clothes on a clothes line when a man later identified as Devonte Hightower came up behind him, stuck something sharp in his back and said, "Give me your money." The man said he told Hightower he did not have any money. Hightower then told the man to turn around and go into the residence. The man said Hightower then took a cell phone and a Playstation 3, placed both of the items in a book bag and then left the residence. The man said he knew Hightower because he used to live next door on Nixon Circle. Another officer arrived on the scene and said he was familiar with Hightower and that he did live at a residence on Nixon Circle before. The officer said Hightower recently moved to a home located on Carr Circle. Police went to Hightower's home and spoke with Hightower about the robbery. He denied being involved and said he was at home washing his clothes. Police asked Hightower to come to the police station for further questioning and he agreed. The victim was also asked to come to the police station. The man positively identified Hightower as being involved in the robbery. Police escorted Hightower back to his residence. Hightower's mother gave police permission to search the residence. A hat and sweatshirt that matched the description the man gave the officers was found in Hightower's bedroom. When one of the officers presented Hightower with the hat and sweatshirt he confessed to the robbery and told police that the Playstation 3 and controller were in a book bag in the house. He said he did not have the cell phone. The items were recovered and placed into evidence. Hightower told police that the sweatshirt they found was not the one he was wearing because he threw the one he was wearing in a trash dumpster on Agnew Way. Police found the sweatshirt in the dumpster. Hightower was charged with armed robbery and taken to the Newton County Jail. Lt. Ken Malcom said police have not recovered or identified the weapon that was used during the robbery.

Pink for a cure
Someone reportedly spray painted a vehicle pink at a high school football game on Friday night. A Covington police officer responded to the grassy parking lot near Sharp Stadium around 9 p.m. in reference to someone spray painting a vehicle. A female told police that she parked her grandmother's PT Cruiser in the grassy parking area and then went to attend game. When she returned, she found that the hood of the car was spray painted with pink paint. According to the officer, there were a number of spectators wearing pink at the game to commemorate breast cancer. It was unknown at the time of the report the cost of the damages. No other information was available.

No longer employed
A man reportedly walked out of a business with an A/C line set on Monday. A Covington police officer responded to Baker Distributing located on Wheat Street around 3 p.m. in reference to a theft. The officer spoke to the salesman who said a man named Jack Henderson came in to the business and asked for a 50 ft. A/C line set. The salesman said he asked Henderson who he worked for and Henderson told him Atlanta Energy. The salesman told Henderson that he didn't think he worked there anymore and Henderson told the salesman he was recently rehired. The salesman gave Henderson the A/C line set and had him sign a pick ticket. After Henderson left the store the salesman noticed that he signed the ticket with a different name other than his name. The salesman called Atlanta Energy to see if Henderson still worked there and they informed him that Henderson left the company in 2007. A Covington police officer also confirmed with Atlanta Energy that Henderson no longer worked with the company. The salesman said Henderson drove off in a white Chevrolet service van with a ladder on the top. They were unable to get a license tag number. The cost of the A/C line set was $298.16.