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Man arrested for fighting with girlfriend
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home to deal with a fight and ended up using a Taser on Bobby Scott Anglin after he allegedly refused to calm down.

According to reports, Anglin’s girlfriend called for help after an argument that started Wednesday evening began again early Thursday morning. Anglin reportedly accused his girlfriend of seeing another man, which resulted in an argument between the two over that and money problems.

During the argument, Anglin allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and pushed her over a chair. She reportedly asked him to leave which pushed him into a rage. He then began smashing drinking glasses on the floor and calling his girlfriend’s name. She called 911 during this time and left the phone sitting down allowing dispatch operators to hear the argument.

When deputies arrived, they requested that Anglin come out of the rear of the residence. Reports indicate that Anglin was argumentative and refused to calm down. When deputies attempted to place handcuffs on him he reportedly pulled away, and began to struggle.

After several warnings, deputies used a Taser on Anglin in order to arrest him then took him to the County Detention Center where he was charged with obstruction, simple battery and criminal trespass.