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Man arrested after busting out windshield of womans vehicle
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Officers from the Covington Police Department were called late Thursday morning when a witness called them reporting a man attacking a car at the intersection of Washington Street and Turner Lake Road.

According to reports, the witness told officers that he noticed a car preparing to turn from Washington onto Turner Lake. Before the driver could do so, a man ran out into the intersection and allegedly knocked out the back windshield by either kicking or punching it (the witness wasn’t sure which). The man then reportedly began chasing the moving vehicle for a short period of time before being picked up by another driver.

Officers were able to speak to the victim who allegedly told them she and her ex-boyfriend, 26-year-old Steven Michael Robinson, had been riding around in her vehicle all day and arguing. When they reached the area of U.S. Highway 278 and Turner Lake Road, the verbal altercation became a physical one, according to reports, and Robinson allegedly attacked her.

She told officers that she had attempted to call 911 on her cell phone but that Robinson had taken her phone away from her, which is when she pulled the vehicle over and got Robinson out. She reportedly told officers she left him walking south on Turner Lake.

A short time later the victim saw Robinson once more when he allegedly busted out her back windshield as the witness had stated. According to reports, the victim told officers she and Robinson had lived together for several years but had recently broken up due to his violent tendencies. Officers made a call to the home the victim reportedly previously shared with Robinson and were able to find out that Robinson was currently at the county dump.

Officers met with Robinson and he corroborated the victim’s story up to a point. He said the two began arguing because he was accusing the victim of cheating on him. He allegedly told officers that she began to assault him and he got out of the car and left on foot. According to reports, Robinson then told officers that the victim began driving her vehicle the same speed he was walking and brushing the car against him as he made his way down the street. Because of this he reportedly told officers he got mad and “hit the truck a few times” and hit the back window, causing it to shatter.

Officers asked Robinson if he had called 911 for assistance and he reportedly told them he had not. They then asked him if he believed the victim was attempting to run over him with her vehicle why had he not walked further away from the road and he had no answer for that question, according to reports.

When confronted with witness statements Robinson allegedly told officers that the victim had brushed against him with her vehicle just “a couple” times and had then driven off. He reportedly told the officers that when he saw her vehicle again he went to try and talk to her and punched her back window when she tried to drive away. Robinson then allegedly told the officers he had called his father who came and picked him up from the area.

Officers asked him if he had the victim’s cell phone and he reportedly admitted he had taken it but that it was at his house. However, he denied taking it from her when she was attempting to dial 911 but he was unable to explain why he took the phone.

Robinson allegedly reeked of alcohol and reportedly admitted to officers he had been drinking and was too drunk to drive. Reports indicate he also had several lacerations on his right hand and forearm which he reportedly told them were caused when his hand went through the window of the victim’s car.  Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene and recommended stitches, which Robinson refused, according to reports.

He was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with violating the Family Violence Act, criminal damage to property second degree, and interference with a 911 call.