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Mama Bee's Tip of the Week - May 29
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It's hard having champagne tastes on a beer budget, but that's the reality of livin' on one income, friends. Shoot, that's the reality of livin' on two incomes plus overtime for most folks these days. There are a few products I've found at dollar stores that are just as good as their pricier grocery store counterparts. A jar of roasted red peppers can cost upwards of $3 on the grocery store shelves, but you'll find them for a buck at the dollar store. Same goes for taco sauce and some fancy little chocolate and hazelnut cookies I adore. The trick is to scan the shelves at these discount stores and try out some of the products available. See what passes the quality and taste test for your family. You can slowly begin to replace items that eat up your grocery and sundries budgets with lower priced ones.

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