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Love and strength behind the badges

They don’t get to sit around the dinner table every night as a family and eat dinner. They don’t get to watch their children play sports or attend many of their school events. They don’t get to take off work at the drop of a hat for their sick child or even regularly on holidays. They don’t get to fall asleep next to one another every night. They don’t get to take part in a lot of everyday life routines most couples take for granted.

However, they do get to put on their uniform and serve the community to the best of their ability. They wake up every day and put on their badge not knowing the dangers they may have to endure that day. They leave their family to go out and protect others. They are not only a brother and sister in blue, but they are husband and wife.

The life of a cop is demanding and stressful. The stress becomes even more compelling for those who are spouses of law enforcement officers. According to the web site,, the divorce rate for our nation sits at about 50 percent and the rate for law enforcement officers is 60- to 75-percent.

But what is life like for married couples if both spouses are in law enforcement?

For Social Circle Police Chief Tyrone Oliver and Covington Police Officer Aimee Oliver, the two overcome the statistics and have been happily married for nine years. Chief Oliver and Officer Oliver met while they were both working for Newton County Sherriff’s Department. Chief Oliver was a supervisor and Officer Oliver was working nights at the jail as an administrator.

Working as an administrator on nightshift meant Officer Oliver couldn’t leave the jail for dinner or anything else. One night Chief Oliver who was supervising at the time went and picked up pizza for them working that night. Officer Oliver stated, “I thought it was really weird that he actually sat in there with us while we ate because he typically didn’t.”
They later went on a date to the drive-in movies and, as Chief Oliver said, “we just clicked.”

In high school, Chief Oliver wanted to do three things when he graduated. He wanted to be a mortician, go into the military, and work in law enforcement. He states, “I have done all three and law enforcement is my calling.”

As for Officer Oliver, she didn’t always have plans to be in law enforcement, but the opportunity presented itself and the love for it grew. The two have an undeniably strong passion for the profession.

The scheduling demands and irregularities can put a lot of pressure on officers especially to maintain work-life balance. Chief Oliver and Officer Oliver make sacrifices on the personal front as they protect the public.

Though they work for different departments, they partner up and take on their duties and roles outside of work. With five children and both being in law enforcement, they encounter different challenges with schedules, sitters, holidays and being able to have a lot of family time. Chief Oliver states, “We worry about the kids, but we have a good support system.”

With recent events involving law enforcement officers in the world, the stress for the officers increase. Chief Oliver explains he will always worry for his wife while she is on the job because he knows the dangers. However, he says she is with a great department and that reduces his worries.

“I have full confidence in Aimee’s abilities, the Covington Police Department and everyone there, and the training she has received,” he said. “She is in good hands with them.”

Officer Oliver worries about Chief Oliver also, but she would worry even more if she wasn’t in law enforcement as well.
The two of them being in law enforcement has helped the couple’s relationship. They both agreed that it makes them be able to be more understanding.

“We get it when one of us gets called in on our day off or know what it’s like getting a tough call to respond to,” Officer Oliver said. They relate with one another regarding what they have to go through. It makes their relationship stronger, creating bond like no other.

When stress builds, the two confide in one another for support, guidance and comfort. “He’s my best friend; when I need help or just need to talk an issue out, I go to him as he is very knowledgeable,” Officer Oliver states.

Many benefits come with the couple both being in law enforcement. Chief Oliver began his law enforcement career in 1999 and Officer Oliver began hers in 2007. Despite them being on different levels in their profession, Chief Oliver says, “we call each other and debate laws or bounce ideas off of one another.”

At the end of the day, the two wouldn’t trade their relationship or jobs for the world. Under the uniforms and vest, Chief Oliver and Officer Oliver are passionate about one another and what they do. There is a tremendous amount of love and strength behind their badges.