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Local crime briefs for May 4
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Dana Williams-Crawford called Covington police alleging that her boyfriend Kermit Thomas was going to hurt her and that she wanted him to leave. Officers advised Williams-Crawford that since Thomas lived at the residence she would need to have him evicted. Williams-Crawford then became very frustrated and loud stating that the police never do anything for anyone.

Williams-Crawford then stormed into her apartment stating that she was going to pack her things to go to her mother's house because Thomas was going to kill her before morning.

While Williams-Crawford was inside the house packing, Thomas waited outside and spoke with police. He stated that Williams-Crawford came home stressed from work and took it out on him.

Thomas also said that he was going to take a bus back to Virginia. He said that every time he tried to leave Williams-Crawford would not allow it also saying that he had never harmed Williams-Crawford nor her children.

Williams-Crawford then began yelling and cussing at the officers saying that they were being racist and thinking she was ignorant. Officers then left.

However, officers received another call to the apartment - this time made by Thomas. When the officers arrived, Thomas's clothes and suitcases were thrown outside the door. Thomas also had a ripped shirt.

Williams-Crawford was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Man arrested for fifth time on possession of cocaine

While patrolling, a Covington police officer observed Robert Saffo walking out from behind a vacant house.

When the officer approached Saffo, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol on Saffo's breath. The officer also noticed that Saffo was slurring his speech.

The officer noticed Saffo had something in his hands. When the officer asked what it was, Saffo backed away from the officer and dropped two pieces of cocaine.
Saffo was charged with loitering and prowling, public drunkenness and possession of cocaine. Saffo also has eight prior arrests for similar charges. This arrest makes the fifth time Saffo has been arrested for possession of cocaine.

Unclaimed basketball goal gets towed
Newton County police had been receiving numerous complaints about people playing basketball on Sable Circle in the street and refusing to move out of the way of traffic.

A couple of weeks ago while on patrol, an officer noticed that the goal was sticking out into the street. A neighbor approached the car to speak with the officer. The officer asked the neighbor to move the goal out of the street and he did.

While patrolling through the area again, the same officer noticed the same goal in the road, sitting in the same place it was a couple week prior.
The officer then called dispatch and requested a wrecker to tow off the goal.

Work truck raided of lawn equipment
Upon returning to his work truck, Wesley Fountain discovered several lawn equipment items missing from his truck.

Fountain reported that the items stolen were two backpack blowers, a trimmer, a weed-eater, a hedge-cutter, an extended hedge-cutter and a chain saw. In total, the value of the stolen items was $2,740.

Man reports stolen beer, bug zappers among other items
Over the weekend, Steven Harris stated that someone took a Craftsman welder, a Rigid air compressor, two bug zappers and a 16 ounce Budweiser. In total, the value of the stolen items was $1,200.