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Linda Hays advises of jury scam

Linda Hays, clerk of Superior Courts, wants citizens to be aware of the latest jury scam in Newton County.

“We received many calls today from citizens receiving calls from someone pretending to be the late Garland Curtis telling them they did not show up for jury duty and were being charged with a felony and had a warrant issued for their arrest if they did not pay a fine,” according to a statement issued by the clerk’s office Thursday. “These fines were to be paid through green dot cards with fines from $1,500 to $2,000”

The person would then ask for the number off the card and take the money off the card.

“You would bring a worthless card to my office,” according to the statement.

Hays is asking residents to not fall for the scam.

“You would never be called from the clerk's office sheriff's office or any other court personnel and asked for private information or told you were being fined,” according to the statement.

Hays advises residents to call her office at 770-784-2035 with any questions. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) is investigating the situation and hope to have it resolved soon.