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Level 1 drought declared in Newton County

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) declared a Level 1 drought in 53 counties, including Newton County.

Nearly all of the counties affected by the Level 1 Drought Response declaration are experiencing severe and extreme drought conditions, the EPD announced in a news release.

“Water utilities have already taken action to insure that water supplies are generally good and practicing effective water conservation will help provide sufficient supplies through the coming months if dry conditions persist,” said EPD Director Richard Dunn.

“North Georgia has had a hot, dry summer and the fall season is historically a dry time of the year,” said State Climatologist Bill Murphey. “Current drought conditions are likely to continue through the fall season, although tropical activity and rain-producing systems can provide beneficial rainfall.”

During a Level 1 Drought, citizens are encouraged to regularly check for leaks inside and outside the home, and repair them if needed; don’t leave the tap running; water landscape only when necessary.

It does not limit irrigation of personal food gardens, new and replanted plants, seeds or turf; drip irrigation or soak hoses; or hand watering.

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