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Lanier Sims sworn in for another term
Newton County Probate Court Judge Henry Baker swears in Lanier Sims, as his wife, Bionca looks on, to his post of District 2 county commissioner Tuesday.

Lanier Sims was sworn in for his second term as District 2 commissioner in Newton County Tuesday.

Newton County Probate Court Judge Henry Baker administered the oath at the Newton County Historic Courthouse prior to Tuesday's BOC meeting.

Sims defeated Ricky Corley 2,969 (53.4) - 2,545 (46.16%) on in November.

It’s been a busy four years at the BOC for Sims, with not much time being busier than the last five months. The board has dealt with its share of issues, such as the 2050 Plan, Baseline Ordinances for a long-term county plan.

Then after the 2050 Plan dust settled, the board had controversy concerning a payroll loan.

“I plan on the next four being a better four,” Sims said after the election. “I plan on having more citizen engagement. We’re in some trying times and we’re coming through them.”

One way Sims said he plans on getting through those times is the same way he spent the first four, visiting concern citizens in person.

“I think I‘ve been very responsive to all the citizens,” Sims said. “Anybody who has emailed or called me, I’ve probably been to their house and met them face-to-face. People respect that.”

Sims was respected enough to earn reelection, both in the general election and when he defeated Earnest Simmons in the primary to reach the 2014 general election.