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Juvenile fight leads to one fathers arrest
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A fight between juveniles ended with a father’s arrested after deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office found marijuana in his vehicle.

On Thursday evening, deputies responded to a fight in the street between two juveniles. When they arrived the fighters had dispersed but some girls in the area reportedly told them that several juvenile girls had been fighting in the area. Deputies received a call from dispatch telling then where one of the girls could be found and headed to that address.

When they arrived, they met with Kight and Victor Dallas and a 14-year-old female who had visible marks on the right side of her face. She allegedly told the deputies that she had been jumped by two other juvenile females. Kight, the girl’s father, directed deputies to a home where he said the other girls involved lived. Kight, Victor and the female were told to stay in their home and wait for the deputies to return.

Deputies went to the home Dallas had pointed out and met with the homeowner and his two juvenile daughters, ages 12 and 16. Both girls reportedly had visible marks on their faces that were consistent with a physical fight, according to reports.

The 16-year-old reportedly told deputies that the 14-year-old from the other address had been harassing her for weeks. She said that she was playing basketball when the 14-year-old approached her, starting the fight.

While deputies were in the front yard speaking with the homeowner and his daughters, a white Cadillac Deville pulled up and stopped in the roadway in front of the residence. Kight Dallas was driving and his brother Victor was in the front passenger seat and a juvenile male was seated in the back seat of the car, according to reports, Kight jumped from the car and began yelling at the homeowner, "attempting to provoke a fight." Victor remained in the car and eventually deputies were able to convince Kight to return to his vehicle. He was told to go home and wait there for the deputies  According to the homeowner, while deputies were attempting to quiet Kight and get him to return to his vehicle, Victor reportedly said, "I got a cap for you." According to reports, the homeowner took this as a threat. Deputies did not hear the threat and in the incident report attribute that to Kight’s "loud and provocative behavior."

The Dallas men left the area but within minutes had returned, according to reports. Kight was once again driving with Victor in the passenger seat but this time the 14-year-old female who had been involved in the altercation was in the backseat of the car, according to reports.

Kight allegedly jumped out of the vehicle once more and began to "verbally assault" the homeowner, an action that caused him to be placed under arrest by the deputies. Victor was asked to exit the vehicle, and when his information was ran through dispatch, it was found that he had a warrant out for his arrest for escape, so he too was placed under arrest. The juvenile was allowed to leave on foot. A tow truck was called to pick up the Cadillac, which was parked in the roadway, and an inventory of the vehicle yielded two small baggies containing approximately 26 grams of marijuana. A loaded .38 revolver was also located under the driver’s seat.

Both men denied knowledge of the drugs and Kight claimed the revolver, which had no wants on it. It was collected by deputies and will be released to the registered owner. Kight was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana less than one ounce and Dallas was charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce and held on the escape warrant. Both men were transported to the Newton County Detention Center.