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Judge and coroner candidates speak
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Two of the lesser publicized local races are Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court judge and county coroner. Candidates for both seats spoke at a Democratic party forum this week.

Superior Court Judge
Lawyer and superior court judge candidate Stephanie Lindsey said she believed the court system is not just for the victims, but for everyone. She said she was a good candidate for the position because she was fair and impartial, and she said she would continue to fight for justice whether she was behind the bench or not.

Lindsey will face incumbent Chief Justice John Ott in the primary. Judge seats are non-partisan, and the election will be decided July 31. All other judges are running unopposed.

County Coroner
Candidate Robert Bradley stood strong on his platform of being capable, committed and compassionate in the death care industry.

He said he has been in his field since 1977. Bradley said as a coroner, he would be committed to making sure families in Newton County received the highest level of excellence by ensuring a proper investigation in the event of the loss of a loved one.

Bradley's closing remarks received applause and cheers from the audience as he recalled a childhood memory. He said he and his mother witnessed people being beaten, chased by dogs and sprayed by water hoses on Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala. because they wanted to vote. He said all citizens have the right to vote and encouraged everyone to exercise that right.

Bradley is unopposed in the primary and will face Republican incumbent Tommy Davis in the November General Election.