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Jealous rage at Newton Medical
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Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to Newton Medical Center Tuesday evening after a woman's ex-boyfriend reportedly attacked her car in a jealous rage.

According to reports the woman, as she was coming from inside the hospital with friends, was confronted by a former boyfriend, identified as Nicholas Partain. She reportedly told officers that when she saw Partain she quickly walked to her car and despite his attempts to speak with her, she ignored him. This allegedly caused him to become angry and throw a backpack at her, striking her in the upper back.

The victim allegedly told officers that she and her friends quickly locked themselves in her vehicle and that Partain began beating on the car, kicking the rear window attempting to break it and punching the rear tail-light with his fist. She also reportedly told officers that he had taken a handful of Xanax pills earlier that afternoon.

Hospital employees who witnessed the incident reportedly agreed with the victim about what occurred in the parking lot.

When searching Partain officers allegedly found four pills which were identified as a generic form of Xanax and a pipe with a green, leafy residue inside it which was believed to be marijuana. Partain reportedly told the officers that he took a handful of Xanax pills earlier in the day.

He was arrested and charged with trespass, simple battery, possession of a schedule IV drug, obstruction and possession of drug paraphernalia and officers began to transport him to the Newton County Detention Center.

While en route, Partain allegedly made threats, telling officers what he would do to them if he were to see them "in a dark alley."

He also continued to shout profanities at the officers, behaving in an aggressive manner. He allegedly admitted to the jail nurse that he had taken approximately 30 Xanax, an admission that led officers to transport him back to Newton Medical Center for evaluation. Partain was transported from there to Georgia Regional Hospital due to his behavior to be further evaluated.

No signal alerts police
Deputies on routine patrol on Smith Store Road Friday evening noticed a vehicle turn without the driver using his signal and ended up arresting the driver on various drug charges.

The Newton Sheriff's Office deputies followed the driver a short while and initiated a traffic stop on Smith Store Road, just south of Oak Hill Road. When the deputies approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, identified as Glenn Oscar Bolt, they immediately noticed a lever action rifle lying in the passenger seat within reach.

When Bolt moved to unfasten his seatbelt he reportedly turned his entire body in the direction of the firearm and reached across his body with his left arm and between the seat, as if attempting to conceal something. The deputies could not see what he was reaching for but, according to reports, could see that his hand was not in the area of the seatbelt release.

Due to the firearm being within Bolt's reach and due to his suspicious actions, deputies allegedly grabbed Bolt's left hand and told him to turn around get out of the vehicle slowly. When Bolt turned his body back, facing toward the seat, the deputies could see clearly, one small plastic bag of what appeared to be marijuana on the driver's seat between Bolt's right leg and the armrest of the truck.

After Bolt exited the vehicle, deputies searched the vehicle and allegedly located two more small bags of suspected marijuana and a silver metal tube with a screw-off top lying under the armrest. Inside the metal container deputies reportedly located a plastic bag which contained a hard substance, believed to be crystal methamphetamine and in Bolt's wallet they allegedly found more suspected marijuana.

The rifle was identified as a Brown .22 caliber lever-action rifle with one bullet in the chamber. Bolt was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with failure to use a turn signal, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, possession of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.