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InVEST in the NCSO - Feb. 12
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The parents of recently injured Deputy Wesley Atha have organized a fundraising campaign to purchase these vests for every county deputy. Their fundraising goal is $113,000. Each vest costs between $500-$700, depending on the size. Each Friday The Covington News will publish a list of individuals, businesses and civic groups who have donated to the cause that week as well as the total amount raised. Donations are tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to Newton Co. Sheriff's Office and earmarked for safety vests and equipment. Please mail donations to NCSO c/o April Jones, 15151 Alcovy Road, Covington, Ga. 30014.

Stan and Dana Hall, David and Melba O'Kelley, Kenneth G. Williams, Scott Hubbard, Neil Harris, Neil and Joane Derrick, Marshall and Dawn Atha, Call and Go Bail Bonding, Roger and Sandra Shortridge, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Webb, Cathy Cowan, Mary Vincent Kraft, Dan U. Aaron, Ann Hodges, Barbara Dingler, BB&T (Main Branch), Becky Harris, Bonnie Gilbert, Bulldog Tire Company, Gary Massey Agency, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moody, Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury, Call and Go Bail Bonding, Cathy Cowan, The Covington News, Dan. U. Aaron, David and Melba O'Kelley, Dusty Atha, Ginn Chevrolet, Ginn Chrylser Jeep Dodge, Susan Sweeney, Bonnie Gilbert, Josie Goode Sunday School Class at First United Methodist Church of Covington, Joy Beariers Estherian Sunday School Class First Baptist Church of Covington, Kenneth G. Williams, Lance and Latrelle Cawthon, Steve and Erin Mayfield, Matthew Harris, Spencer Boyd, James and Ann Mills, William and Bertie Hardy, Corbett and Jackie Smith, Ed Minge, Lee Payne Attorney at Law, Newton Federal Bank, Eastside High School, Gary C. Moseley Inc., Alcovy High School, the Arnold Fund, Travis Hampton DMD, Bill and Gayle Norton, Walter and Barbara Toner, Guy Evans, Hugh J. Steele, Daisy Hunt, Timothy and Marianne Calvin, William and Gail Brown, James Butler, Homer and Nancy Holifield, Ann Parker, Mary Edwards, Mary Kriendlekamp, Mary Vincent Kraft, Matthew and Ida Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Webb, Neil Harris, Roger and Sandra Shortridge, Scott Hubbard, Spencer Boyd, Stan and Dana Hall, Susan Sweeney, Tony and Donna Harris, Walker and Rosemary Harris, Trudy Harris, Becky Harris, Mock Pallet Company, Pace Cars Inc., Billy and Nancy Morris, Friendship Class of First United Methodist, Betty Jo Marks, Loyal Gas Inc., David and Joyce Taylor, Jones Custom Homes/Jones Ferns, David and Martha Smith, Robert and Myrna Cason, Knight and Tabb Insurance Agency, Bruce and Lynn Tamplin, Cline Ranch, William and Theodosia Wade, Maxine Norcutt, Nancy East, Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Meyer, Tom and Jan Jentzen, Jakie A. Hogan, James and Patricia Bryan, Kiwanis Club of Covington, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 32, Agnes Blalock, football raffle, Greer Stansfield & Turner LLP, A.J. and Anne Spillers, Frances Quinn Hobgood, John and Gloria Womack, Payton E. Ward, Wilbur and Musette Fisher, Barbara Banks, H. Gene Williams, Jerry Gilbert, Marty and Theresa Smallwood, Gene and Margaret Wallace, Jere and Jacqueline Rutberg, Elsie Crawford, B. Bill, W. Jackson, Wayne and Pam Vaughn, J. Douglas and Carole Doster, People's Bank, William and Mary O'Brien, Bob Wheeler of Wheeler Funeral Home, Jeanie Howell, Harnestees Sunday School Class at Porterdale Methodist Church, Homer and Ruby Sharp, Rachel McCart, Robert and Annette Harmon, Chuck Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Derrell Carnes, Terry and Faye Schell, Billy and Geina Stanton, Joe L. Richardson, David and Connie Waller and the Adult IV Murphy's Gang of First Baptist Church, Gum Creek Presbyterian Church Women (Jane Parker), R.C. Lewis, Gary and Linda Curtis, Mary C. 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Masee Pickett on behalf of the Newton County Republican Party, the Newton County Republican Party, James and Nan Bohannon, Fred and Teri Jones, Stephen and Mary Smith, Harry and Janice Curtis, BARD Medical Division, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hoffman, William and Harriett Nunnally, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bray, Guy and Carol McGiboney, Michael and Betty Overman, Chuck and Karen Burdell, Insane Fitness, Tom White, Kevin and Karen Price, Petroleum Distribution LLC, Kevin Price General Contractor LLC, Antonio and Marilyn Pardinas, James and Karen Wiley, Neal Harris, Loy S. Summers, Madison Chapter OES No. 333, George L. Smith III MD, Nathan and Agnes Pulliam, Michael and Nancy Dawkins, Lester and Connie Castleberry, E. Pat Campbell, Ann Hodges, Joanne and Ralph Skeen, Gary and Aquila Wilkins, Edmund and Jessica Elmore, Troy and Frances Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pete Carter, W.A. and Helen McElreath, Betty Robinson, Norman and Katherine Carey, Kenneth and Melanie Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kitchens, Edward and Lenora Needham, Randy, Linda and Lori Digby, W.D. Ballard, Stephen and Debra Aldridge, A.J. and Anne Spillers, D. Marti Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jefferson, James B. Hitchins, Elliott Roth, Virginia H. Lott, Jerry O. Capes, Donald and Ardis Young, Covington Lions Club, Esther G. Williams, Thomas H. and Patti C. McFarlin, Ronald and Jan Bradley, Herman and Gwendolyn Gibbs, Matt Miller, Deborah G. Wells, Catherine Adams, Dolores Moore, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Ivy S. Stone, James and Beth Smith, Ronald and Dolores Bartow, Thomas and Libby Hunt, Robert and Barbara Samples, Richard and Alvida Lingner, Ardis and Don Young, Lisa Hayes, Michael and Betty Overman, Louise Guy Morris, Juanita Sorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bice, Barbara Palmer and Homer and Ruby Sharp, Howell and Jane Woodward, Frank and Hail Riccardi, Newton Baptist Church, Steve and Lorri Goff, Joy Harris, David and Linda Rada, Joan Ament, Paul and Elizabeth Johnson, First Presbyterian Church, Roger Pinson, E.G. Couch, James and Peggy Gouge, North Newton Civic Association, Edward Peterson, Steve and Susan Jasinski, David and Melissa Coker, Gene and Dolores Williams and Gerrick, Ann Roper, Gilbert T. and Kathleen Pallen, Dora Pate, Wayne and Barbara Bolton, Arthur Autry, Wesley and Flora Pullin, Nancy Crenshaw, and Edward and Lenora Needham, L.M. and W.B. Wilson, MD, Theresa Camp, Obie Brewer, Chick-Fil-A, Rotary Club of Covington Foundation, Frances R. Partee, Donald D. and Vivian A. Helm, Ray, Gail and Sean Hodges, Wayne and Ruth Sams and four anonymous donations.

This week's donors:
Josie Good SS Class, Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority, Derrell Carnes, Richard and Helen Schneider, Irene Smith, Juliana Churchill Gander, Sidney Haggard and Julia A. from Porter UMC.
This week's total: $77,653.38