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Intoxicated woman stabs boyfriend with meat fork
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Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to calls for help early Thursday morning after a woman reportedly stabbed a man with a fork.

According to reports officers arrived and noticed a man who reportedly had blood on his shirt and was bleeding from the left side of his face. The man, identified as Barnett McFarlin, was also allegedly unsteady on his feet and reeked of alcohol.

When officers spoke with him, he reportedly said that he and his girlfriend, identified as Jo Anne Jeff, had gotten into an argument and she had allegedly stabbed him with a steak fork. McFarlin was transported to the hospital for treatment, and officers reportedly headed into the home to speak with Jeff.

Officers located Jeff, her two minor children and her sister in the home, according to reports. Jeff’s sister allegedly told officers that both Jeff and McFarlin began fighting outside of the residence and that Jeff reportedly told McFarlin to leave and he complied.

However, he later returned, according to reports, and began to argue with Jeff once again. According to Jeff’s sister, the argument escalated to the couple throwing different things at one another — including audio equipment. At that point, according to Jeff’s sister, Jeff allegedly stabbed McFarlin in the face with a steak fork.

According to Jeff, she couldn’t remember what happened. Reports indicate that she was very intoxicated and unable to remain still while speaking with officers. According to McFarlin, he and Jeff had been arguing because Jeff accused him of having an affair with her sister, according to reports. As the two were fighting Jeff allegedly fell to the ground, according to reports, and when McFarlin attempted to help her get up she stabbed him with the fork in the back and face.

Both McFarlin and Jeff were charged with disorderly conduct under the Family Violence Act and Jeff was additionally charged with aggravated assault.