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Homeless man accused of stealing $100
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A homeless man is accused of stealing $100 from the wallet of a man who was giving him a ride to The Depot Friday night.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the parking lot of The Depot to meet with the victim. The man told them that he had met a homeless man a week prior and that the man had called him that evening, asking for a ride to the bar. He told officers that the homeless man told him he needed to go to the bar so he could try and find a ride to the airport in Atlanta because he wanted to fly home to Florida.

The victim said that he picked the man up on the square and quickly stopped at a convenience store for a drink before dropping him off at The Depot. While he was inside the store he left his wallet, which reportedly contained $100, on the center console of his vehicle.

After dropping the homeless man off at The Depot, the man checked his wallet and noticed his money was missing. He told officers that the employees of The Depot told him they watched the man jump the fence at the back of the bar and head toward Herring Street.

The victim gave officers the man's cell phone number and told them that the last known residence of the homeless man was the second abandoned house of the left on Ellis Circle.