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Heroin found in tampon wrapper
K-9 Unit used to find 10-year-old girl
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A Covington police officer responded to a report of a white female wearing a purple bandana shoplifting at the Walmart on Industrial Boulevard.

When the officer arrived, the female was located and looked very nervous. The officer advised the female Lauren Harrison, to place her belongings on the hood of the patrol car. She attempted to use her cell phone and then tried to drink from a Pepsi she was holding. Fearing Harrison might flee, the officer put her in handcuffs to detain her.

The loss prevention employee told the officer that the Pepsi was stolen and that Harrison had a shopping cart full of items at the door to the garden area. Harrison said that she had not taken any items and was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive to pay for the items.

The officer noted that Harrison had multiple sores and bruises on her arms which could be drug-related. The officer asked Harrison if he could search her purse for any possible shoplifted items and she consented.

In Harrison's purse, the officer found multiple medical syringes - one stuffed inside a tampon wrapper which contained a dark colored substance identified as heroin.

Harrison told the officer that the syringe was not hers.

Harrison was arrested for possession of a narcotic, possession of drug related objects and theft by shoplifting.

K-9 Unit used to find 10-year-old girl
When Newton County officers arrived, the parents of a 10-year-old girl said their daughter had gone out to walk the dogs. However, when she came back she told her parents that one of the dogs had gotten loose and ran off. She left again to go look for the missing dog. The parents became worried when the girl did not return a short time later.

When they could not find the girl or the dogs, the mother called the police.

Using articles of clothing that belonged to the girl, the officer used the police canine Jiggs, to track the girl.

Jiggs tracked the girl to the entrance of the subdivision where the officer found the girl and the small dog sleeping in the bushes.