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Happy 100th to Sarah Hardeman

The family and friends of Mrs. Sarah T. Hardeman celebrated her 100 years of life at Grace United Methodist Church on her birthday Sunday.

Hardeman is highly respected for her long life of teaching. Her community is overjoyed to be able to share this occasion with her.

“Education, Education, Education was the word that always stood out when you are around Mrs. Sarah T. Hardeman,” her niece, Janet Goodman, wrote to The News. “She also knew that education was not enough in this world. Therefore, she [sought] the Lord at an early age and served him every day of her life.”

“She knew that putting God first would always be her goal,” she wrote. “Education alone is not enough.”

Mrs. Hardeman is a life-long educator of 37 years, most of them spent teaching third grade.

She graduated from Clark College and received her M.A. from Atlanta University. She was married to A. Morris Hardeman, who was a resident of Covington.

Mrs. Hardeman taught at Washington Street and Porterdale Elementary. She stressed the importance of education and she demanded that her students study hard, remain true to family values, and serve the Lord. She led by example.

At a young age, Mrs. Hardeman was at Richards Chapel UMC. After moving to town, she joined Grace United Methodist Church. She held every key position except preacher. She played the piano at Grace and taught piano lessons to several students. She encouraged many children to join Grace as children, many of them are still there and have grandchildren there now. She also taught Sunday School.

Serving the Lord was always her number one goal. She served well for years. Mrs. Hardeman’s passion was the United Methodist Women of Grace. This is a core group of women who help children and adults all over the world. Because of her background and knowledge of Grace, she served as President of the History committee for many years.

“The Lord has allowed Mrs. Hardeman to live on this earth for 100 years. She has witnessed many positive changes. She doesn’t have children of her own, but she has been a mother figure to many,” Goodman wrote. “The family will acknowledge her years of service to God and man by hosting this celebration to let her know that indeed, her living has not been in vain.”

“Her family is glad that the Lord has allowed to remain here 100 years, healthy, and full of joy,” she concluded.