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Gun shots fired into Covington home
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The house of a resident in a north Covington neighborhood was shot into by four rounds from a gun, with three more rounds that didn’t quite penetrate the house. The man was lying in his bed at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. on Tuesday. According to reports, the complainant stated, "He heard fireworks and smelled a burning smell coming from his trash can." 

As the officer responded, upon further investigation, damage was seen around the window with "half-dollar sized holes." According to reports, holes were also found throughout his room. 

Police determined that rounds were fired into the bedroom, two through the window and one into the exterior siding, with one round going into the living room-area window and continuing into the kitchen. When the shots were fired, the resident was at home with two others, who were both on the other side of the house.

According to reports, the complainant reported that he believed the culprit to be his girlfriend’s father, who made threats only days before when he found out about the physical altercations that occurred between the complainant and his girlfriend. The reports said they "had a rocky relationship with admitted physical violence." The complainant and his girlfriend were taken to the scene, where they reported the girl’s estranged father to be "psycho" and deadly.

The case has been placed under further investigation.

Livingston Elementary window smashed

A double-pane window at Livingston Elementary School was shattered and broken after the Covington Police Department took a report at approximately 7:06 a.m. on Tuesday.

An officer responded to a call at the school after the complainant, an employee, said her husband, an engineer for the Board of Education, was driving home Monday and noticed three teenage males skateboarding on the school’s property. He asked the boys to leave and collected the license plate number of the black Ford Ranger they were driving.

The next day, according to reports, the officer observed there was glass all over the floor, and part of the cement table from outside had been thrown through the window, appearing if someone threw it through the window "on purpose."

Woman tosses marijuana under her car

After a car swerved off the roadway on Salem Road Monday, a woman was arrested on several charges after throwing marijuana under the vehicle and refusing deputies orders. Newton County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an accident on Salem Road where the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident stated a car traveling in front of her swerved and left her off the roadway. However, according to reports, there were no indications of a vehicle making contact with her. After the deputy explained this to the alleged victim, she continued to argue.

When asking the complainant for her telephone number, the deputy smelled an odor of marijuana and observed marijuana flakes and seeds in the driver’s seed of the vehicle. According to reports, the suspect denied having the marijuana, and continued to place her hand in her purse. After deputies continuously asked her to pull her hand out of her purse, she refused to do so several times. The deputies then placed her into handcuffs with a struggle from her, and eventually had to force her to the ground to get control.

The offender then admitted to throwing marijuana under the car wrapped in a piece of paper. She was transported to the Newton County Jail.