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Gun accidentally fired in Home Depot
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Four customers were slightly injured Sunday after a gun accidentally discharged at the Home Depot on Industrial Park Boulevard.

While Pedro Matos Jr. was walking towards the checkout area, the clip from his leather holster came loose causing the gun to fall from his hip and discharge.

The fragments from the bullet injured four including Matos. Matos' brother Nickolas Matos, was walking in front of him when he heard the bang and felt something hit his leg. When he looked down, his right calf was bleeding in two places. EMS determined he had been hit by bullet fragments and was able to treat him on the scene.

Morten Oftedal was checking out when he heard the bang and immediately felt a pain in his right hand. He had also been hit with a bullet fragment which left a small, red mark on his hand. However, his skin was not broken.

Edward Snider was in the checkout line when he was hit in the leg with a bullet fragment. The fragment left a scratch on his lower right leg.

No one was seriously injured. No charges have been filed at the time of the incident report.

Mother, daughter fist fight lands both in jail
Newton County officers arrested Delores Jordan and her daughter Shaconna Jordan, for battery.

When the officer arrived, a physical altercation involving hands and fists occurred between the mother and the daughter. The daughter was the primary aggressor. The police report did not disclose what started the fight.