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GEORGIA VOTES 2022: Newton voters to decide state, congressional races
sample ballot 2022 - R
Pictured is a portion of a Republican sample ballot for the 2022 primary elections in Newton County. (Taylor Beck | The News)

COVINGTON, Ga. — In addition to local races, Newton County voters also will decide Democrat and Republican nominees for various state and congressional offices.

Headlining the congressional races is the crowded ballot for U.S. House of Representatives District 10, a seat vacated by U.S. Rep. Jody Hice, R-Greensboro, as he is pursuing the Secretary of State’s Office.

For U.S. House District 10, area voters must choose from Jessica Allison Fore, Tabitha Johnson-Green, Phyllis Hatcher, Femi Oduwole and Paul Watson for the Democrat nomination. 

Republicans will have to choose from Timothy Barr, Paul Broun, Mike Collins, David Curry, Vernon Jones, Marc McMain, Alan Sims and Mitchell Swan.

Staying in the House, Democrats will see incumbent District 4 U.S. Rep. Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. without an in-party challenger, and Republicans will have to decide between candidates Jonathan Chavez and Surrea Ivy.

For U.S. Senate, Democrats will choose between incumbent Raphael Warnock and challenger Tamara Johnson-Shealey. Republican voters will choose from another crowded field of candidates including Gary Black, Josh Clark, Kelvin King, Jonathan “Jon” McColumn, Latham Saddler and Herschel Walker for the Republican nomination.

Residents will also get the chance to cast their vote in races for many of Georgia’s top state government offices.

For governor, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates Catherine Davis, Brian Kemp (i), David Perdue, Kandiss Taylor and Tom Williams.

• Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams.

For lieutenant governor, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates Burt Jones, Mack McGregor, Butch Miller and Jeanne Seaver.

• Democrat candidates Erick E. Allen, Charlie Bailey, Tyrone Brooks Jr., Tony Brown, Kwanza Hall, Jason T. Hayes, Derrick L. Jackson, R. Malik and Renitta Shannon.

For secretary of state, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates David C. Belle Isle, Jody Hice, T.J. Hudson and Brad Raffensperger (i).

• Democrat candidates Dee Dawkins-Haigler, John Eaves, Floyd Griffin, Bee Nguyen and Michael Owens.

For attorney general, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates Chris Carr (i) and John Gordon.

• Democrat candidates Jennifer “Jen” Jordan and Christian Wise Smith.

For commissioner of agriculture, ballots will include:

• Republican candidate Tyler Harper.

• Democrat candidates Winfred Dukes, Nakita Hemingway and Fred Swann.

For commissioner of insurance, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates Ben Coward, John King (i) and Patrick Witt.

• Democrat candidates Raphael Baker, Janice Laws Robinson and Matthew Wilson.

For state school superintendent, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates John D. Barge and Richard Woods (i).

• Democrat candidates Currey Hitchens, Jaha V. Howard, James Morrow Jr. and Alisha Thomas Searcy.

For commissioner of labor, ballots will include:

• Republican candidates Kartik Bhatt, Mike Coan and Bruce Thompson.

• Democrat candidates William “Will” Boddie Jr., Thomas Dean, Nicole Horn, Lester G. Jackson III and Nadia Surrency.

For Public Service Commissioner District 2, ballots will include:

• Republican candidate Tim Echols (i).

• Democrat candidates Patty Durand and Russell Edwards.

For Public Service Commissioner District 3, ballots will include:

• Republican candidate Fitz Johnson (i).

• Democrat candidates Sheila Edwards, Chandra Farley and Missy Moore.

Several offices representing portions of Newton County in the General Assembly are also up for grabs.

In state Senate District 17, incumbent Brian Strickland faces opposition from Brett Mauldin for the Republican nomination. Kacy D. Morgan is running unopposed for the Democrat nomination.

Democrat Tonya P. Anderson seeks reelection to state Senate District 43, but she faces opposition from Joe N. Lester for the nomination. Melanie Williams is running unopposed for the Republican nomination.

Over to the state House, incumbent Democrat Doreen Carter seeks reelection to District 93. However, Laklieshia Izzard is challenging for the Democrat nomination. No Republican candidates qualified for the race.

In state House District 113, incumbent Sharon Henderson faces Billie Boyd-Cox for the Democrat nomination. No Republican candidates qualified for the race.

Tim Fleming and Wendell McNeal are each vying for the Republican nomination for state House District 114, a seat formerly held by Dave Belton, who chose not to pursue reelection. Malcolm Adams is running unopposed for the Democrat nomination.

Newton voters will also decide a selection of nonpartisan races including state Supreme Court justices, Court of Appeals judgeships and Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court judgeships.

Veronica Brinson has challenged incumbent Judge Verda M. Colvin for her position on the Supreme Court. Other incumbent Supreme Court justices Shawn Ellen LaGrua and Carla McMillian will also be featured on the ballot but face no challengers.

In the Court of Appeals, incumbent judges Anne Elizabeth Barnes, Chris McFadden and Trea Pipkin will be featured but also are unopposed.

In the Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court, local to Newton and Walton counties, incumbent judges Cheveda D. McCamy and Layla H. Zon seek reelection unopposed.

Sample ballots may be viewed below, or may also be found on the state’s website:

Sample Ballots - Democrat
Sample Ballots - Republican