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Georgia DNR issues Code Orange air quality alert
According to, Georgia is under a Code Orange air quality alert today.

UPDATE (Nov. 15, 1:40 p.m.): 

The City of Covington will no longer have fireworks at the annual Lighting of the Tree event Thursday evening due to the Governor's ban, Velinda Hardy, Covington Main Street director, said.

Hardy said the city has $5,000 allotted for fireworks. 


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division issued a Code Orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups) air quality alert for Atlanta today.

Under Code Orange conditions, the outdoor air quality is likely to be unhealthy for some people. People who are sensitive to fine particle or ozone pollution, children, older adults and people with heart or lung disease should limit prolonged outdoor exertion, according to

People with asthma should keep quick relief medication handy and follow their asthma action plans.

“Fine particles and consequent health risks are likely to be highest when smoke is readily detected, although particle concentrations can remain elevated throughout the day even in the absence of smoke,” according to

Depending on wind vectors, areas could experience good air quality throughout the day.

In other news, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal issued an executive order yesterday banning the ignition of any consumer fireworks within the boundaries ofthe counties specified as in his drought declaration. Newton County is among 108 counties listed in the drought declaration.

The ban on fireworks will run as long as the declaration of drought remains in effect, according to the executive order.