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Georgia burning guidelines
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Fall weather means cooling temperatures, dropping leaves and for a lot of people, yard work. State of Georgia residents can now legally burn natural wood and leaves outdoors.

The Georgia Forestry Commission allows open burning from Oct. 1 through April 30 every year. The City of Covington does require a permit before outdoor burning can take place. The permit is free of charge and can be obtained by calling 770-385-2100 or visiting Fire Station 21 at 2101 Pace Street in Covington.

Here are some guidelines on burning safely:

1. Never leave any fire unattended

2. Always have a water hose/extinguisher nearby

3. Burn one pile at a time

4. Burn pile shall be no larger than 4 ft. x 4 ft.

5. Fire must be extinguished 1 hour before dark

6. Only burn natural wood; Do not burn lumber, furniture, plastics or other manmade products.

All city ordinances on outdoor burning may be found under code “15.24.080 - Outdoor Burning” in the municipal code section found online at

Failure to comply with the regulation set forth by the City of Covington may result in citations. For more information please contact the Covington Fire Department at 770-385-2100.