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GALLERY: Save the Statue Peace Rally held on Covington Square
Peaceful Rally
Women encircle the nearly 115-year-old "The Confederate Dead of Newton County" statue on the Covington Square during a "Save the Statue Peace Rally" in July 2020. - photo by Mason Wittner

COVINGTON, Ga. — For the second week in a row, the Covington Square served as the site of a Save the Statue Peace Rally on Sunday afternoon.

Local resident Bill Nash helped organize both events to rally support against the decision to remove the 114-year-old “To the Confederate Dead of Newton County” statue that resides in the center of the Square. The peace rallies were also fundraisers designed help cover legal expenses to fight the Newton County Board of Commissioner’s decision to remove the monument.

A Newton County Superior Court case was scheduled for Monday at 9:30 a.m. following an injunction request from the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“We have the law behind us, and we have the Sons of Confederate Veterans. All the donations are going directly to the legal fund to stop them from taking this statue and breaking the law,” Nash said. “I believe we will prevail because of the rule of law. If America does not adhere to the rule of law, we’ve lost America.”

Sights from Sunday can be seen below.