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Football parent charged after child acts unruly
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A parent was arrested after he reportedly tried to discipline a 7-year-old boy at football practice on Thursday. Covington police responded to a call about child abuse at the Turner Lake complex around 1951 and spoke with a Newton Recreation employee.

The employee said several parents and children reported to him that an adult male picked up the child by the ankle and dropped him on his head during football practice. The employee told police that he did not see the incident. He went to the football field, then returned back to where the officers were standing with the child, his mother and older brother and the parent reportedly responsible for the incident. The officers spoke to the 7 year old who said he was picked up, dropped and then kicked in the head. The child said he was wearing his helmet and uniform at the time. The boy's 10-year-old brother said he saw the man pick up his brother by one ankle, drop him to the ground and then kick the back of his helmet. The child's mother was not around at the time the incident happened. The police officer then spoke to the parent who initially denied having any physical contact with the child, but then talked about what happened after police told him the incident may have been recorded.

The man said he picked up the child by the ankle and set him down, but he did not drop boy. The man said he picked the boy up because he was cursing at people, "shooting birds" and wrestling with other children. The man said at one point the boy walked up to him and kicked him. The man reportedly told the coaches about the child's behavior, but the man said they did not do anything about it so he grabbed the boy because he was "out of control." The man, who was not a coach, had a son who was on the team practicing on another part of the field. The man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken to the Newton County Jail.

Free mani-pedi
A woman reportedly walked out without paying after she received nail services. An employee from Unique Nails and Tan located on Elm Street came to the Covington Police Department to report a theft of services on Thursday. The employee said on Sept. 28, a woman came into the store to get her nails done but she did not pay.

The woman reportedly went to her car to get $45 to pay for her services, but she never came back to pay. The employee said he did not have any information about the woman, but she came in to get her nails done on her lunch break. He said she called in to make an appointment and he provided the officer with the phone number she called from. There were no further details about the incident.

Homeowner chases away burglar
A man said he chased away a burglar after he heard someone trying to come through his kitchen window. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a burglary on Thursday at a home located at East Dollar Circle. The deputy spoke with the homeowner who said he woke up when an unknown white male wearing a white T-shirt and black pants entered his home through the open kitchen window around 11 p.m.

The homeowner chased the unknown male out of the house. He said he captured the burglary on camera. The deputy watched the video that showed a white or silver four door car pull past the man's home and then pull into the driveway.

A man with short brown hair with tattoos on both forearms walked to the front door. The man then went to the rear kitchen window and removed the camera. The homeowner told the deputy that the camera was a Panasonic BC-10. The estimated cost of the camera was $100.

$3K worth of items stolen from home
A man said someone stole a number of items from his home while he was away for a few days. A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a home located on Hunters Ridge Court in reference to a burglary on Thursday. A man told the deputy that some time between Tuesday and Thursday someone entered his home through the back window and stole several items. The man said his safe which contained his medications was missing along with two TVs, a deep freezer, three weed eaters, a window unit, a Dish Network box and several other items were missing from the home.

The man said the garage door was wide open when he arrived and he was sure it was closed on Tuesday. The deputy also spoke with a neighbor, who told the deputy the day before that he noticed a young black male in a newer model Chevrolet pickup truck at the residence. The neighbor said he went outside and asked the man what he was doing and he replied that he was checking out the house. The neighbor said he did not see anything in the truck. The estimated cost of the stolen items was $3,850.