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Fleming hired by Secretary of State
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Tim Fleming knows a thing or two about elections. He won the 2008 race for county commissioner and recently served as campaign manager to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who won his race last year.

Kemp hired Fleming as an assistant director in the secretary of state's election division, where Fleming will oversee the division's personnel, write policy for the entire agency and work on election reform and changes to the state's election code.

"Obviously, being an elected official, I know how important it is for us to have safe, secure elections. We are very fortunate here in Georgia; we're years ahead of many other states in terms of technology and voting systems and what we provide with elections. The world of elections continues to change and evolve every cycle," Fleming said Friday.

"That's why I fit well in this role, because of my knowledge working at the local level, being an elected official and having taken part in an election personally."

Fleming will be in the third tier of the secretary's office chain of command, serving under a director who reports directly to Kemp.

One of Fleming's tasks this year will be to travel with a newly formed 16-member election advisory council, which will hold visits in cities around the state. The council will hold hearings with local board of election officials, politicians and others.

"We want them to tell us what works and what doesn't work and tell us any concerns, or problems or any improvements they would like to see," Fleming said.

The council will create a list of recommended changes to the Georgia election process, including any legal changes that need to be made and any cost savings or efficiencies that can be found.

Fleming's office will be in Atlanta.