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Father calls police on bullying brothers
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A Covington police officer responded to a call of a juvenile problem. The officer spoke with Joseph Hawkins Jr. who stated that when his 8-year-old son and other young children get off the school bus at the apartment, two older juvenile brothers bully the younger children.

Hawkins said that on Monday when the brothers started harassing his son, the boy started running to his house. While running, one of the brothers tripped the son causing him to fall on the asphalt.

The officer told Hawkins that he would patrol the area when the children got off the bus and to speak with school administration about any harassment that might be taking place on the school bus.

Later while patrolling, the officer was approached by Tiffany Edwards, the mother of the two juvenile brothers.

Edwards told the officer that Hawkins had been harassing her sons for two weeks and had even choked one of them the day before.

When the officer questioned Hawkins about the choking incident, he stated that he had never choked any kid and that Edwards was lying. Hawkins also said that he was with another father, Darrell Ansley, when the choking allegedly occurred. Ansley confirmed Hawkins story.