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Farm Bureau celebrates Agriculture Awareness Day at Georgia Capitol
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Georgia Agriculture Awareness Day was observed with a celebration of the state's largest industry at the Georgia Depot near the state capitol Tuesday. The event, hosted by Governor Nathan Deal and Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, included the recognition of farmers from across Georgia selected to receive the 2012 Governor's Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Awards for management practices they use to protect the soil, air and water on their farms. Event attendees were able to sample original food products competing in the 2012 Flavor of Georgia Contest, which recognizes products that use Georgia-grown commodities created by Georgia entrepreneurs.

"Farmers not only grow the food, fiber and timber that helps feed, clothe and shelter us, but animal and plant by-products are found in many products we use every day such as toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs, glue, biofuels, leather sports equipment, paper, crayons and ink," said Brent Galloway, Newton County Farm Bureau president. "The reach of agriculture is truly amazing.

"Agriculture touches everyone's life, whether you live on a farm or not, because we all eat products made from the commodities grown on farms and use numerous products that contain ag. by-products, which most people don't realize."