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Family returns from vacation to ransacked home
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Upon arriving home from vacation, the Jacobs family found their master bedroom ransacked. Further investigation to the rest of the house, the family noticed other items missing as well.

Two windows on the front side of the house were open and another front window had a small hole in it.

The master bedroom was missing a flat screen TV and two handguns. The living room was missing a flat screen TV, a Wii gaming system and approximately 10 Wii games. Two more flat panel TVs were also taken from two back bedrooms.

When police talked to the family's neighbors, one told police that she saw a white service truck in the drive way one day. Another told police he saw a silver Charger in the driveway another day.

Drunken man hangs out at vacant residence, bothered by police
Officers arrived at a vacant residence after a call of juveniles possibly being inside the empty house.

Officers surveyed the property and noticed that the back door was kicked in. The officers made their presence known and requested if anyone was inside that they come out immediately. When there was no response, officers entered the house and began checking each of the rooms.

When the officers reached the hall, one of the officers again announced their presence and ordered anyone inside to show themselves.

At this point, Michael Vorhes leaned his head out of the last bedroom doorway and screamed, "What do ya'll want?"

The officers then commanded Vorhes to come out of the bedroom and lay down on his stomach. Vorhes complied and continued to ask why the officers were there bothering him.

When officers placed Vorhes in cuff, they noticed that he smelled of alcohol. Vorhes said he had been drinking that night, but denied kicking in the door. Instead, Vorhes said he found the door already kicked in.

Vorhes was arrested and charged with burglary and public intoxication.