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Fairy Friends
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Many little fairies, big fairies and everyone in between traveled far, far away to visit the magical fairyland behind the library and enjoy the Fairy Houses at the Chimney Park festival Saturday afternoon.

Colorful wind chimes, balloons and artificial butterflies led the way to the park entrance where the journey through fairyland began with a tour of fairy houses made of natural materials by businesses and schools in Newton County. Those boys and girls who weren’t fairies before entering the magical land had the chance to create their own beautiful jeweled wings and wands, sprinkle fairy dust around the park and have their faces painted.

If wings and wands didn’t put the visitors in the spirit, the life-sized fairy tunnel, fairy ring and gnome hut surely did. Little ones ran through each with big smiles on their faces before taking a break from the excitement with refreshments and story time. For those seeking adventure, a scavenger hunt was set up around the park.

New to the festival this year was a silent auction of local artists’ work, with half of the proceeds being donated to Chimney Park. To conclude the festival, unique gift baskets were raffled off before all the little fairies scurried back to their homes.

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