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Elderly woman swindled
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An elderly woman was hesitant to report a theft at her home because she reportedly told police she was embarrassed she had been swindled.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, around 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning, an elderly woman, around 75 years old, was allegedly sitting on her front porch when she noticed a newer model metallic beige GMC truck - possibly a club cab, circle the block and then pull into the driveway of her home.

A white male, clean cut and in his early 20s with freckles reportedly approached the woman and asked if she would mind if he looked around her property. He allegedly explained to her that he was searching for some survey stakes for a family that had purchased a property nearby.

The woman told him that would not be a problem and reportedly allowed him to wander around her property.

The woman allegedly told police that the man asked her if there was anyone else inside the home that could show him around the yard and she reportedly told him she was alone but that she could go through the yard with him.

At this point, another man exited the vehicle parked in the woman's driveway and went into the back yard with the elderly woman and the white male with the freckles. After not finding any survey stakes, the men allegedly thanked her and told her they were leaving.

It is unclear when she noticed the theft, but the woman reportedly told officers that she did not report it until later in the day (around 1:45 p.m.) because she was embarrassed about "falling for a swindle."

Due to the woman's age and some physical limitations, it takes her awhile to walk up the back steps to get inside her home. But when she did get inside she immediately noticed that her bedroom door was open, according to reports. Inside her bedroom she allegedly noticed that the contents of her purse were jumbled and that a stack of clothing in the room was knocked over. Upon further inspection, she also noticed that a bank envelope was missing from her purse as well, the contents of which was around $400.

She was unsure if there had been a third person in the truck who had gone into her unlocked home by way of the front door when she was in the backyard or if the two that were in the back with her circled around the house and went into it through the front door before she had time to climb the steps.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the CPD at (770) 385-6431. Tips can be left at their Web site at All tips can be given anonymously.