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Drunk teen discovered rolling around in street
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Covington Police officers were called to Settlers Grove Road around 5:30 a.m. Thursday after neighbors called 911 to report two people fighting in the street.

When officers arrived they found 19-year-old Veronica Black and her 16-year-old brother. She was “laying in a puddle on the street” and her brother appeared to be trying to help her up and into a residence. The two were continuously arguing during this time as well, according to reports.

The teens were separated by officers. The officer who spoke with Veronica Black noted in his report that he could smell alcohol on her and that her eyes were bloodshot. He asked her if she had been drinking and she allegedly said “I just had a couple of shots of gin, that’s all.” She was unstable and asked for the officer’s assistance in helping her stand while she put her shoes on. He asked her where she’d gotten the gin and she reportedly said “Just a friend, I don’t know his name.”

Black was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.