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Drive Time guaranteed to bring a party
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Meet the band

Horn Section

Pete Hall (Trumpet)

Stephan Williams (Trumbone)

Rhythm Section
Mack McKibben (keys)

Scott Lansburg (bass)

Jairus Hardge (drums/vocals)

Johnny Hamby (guitar/vocals)

Jon Lansburg (guitar/vocals)


Christon Halback

Micah McKibben

April Allen

Over four years ago, Mack McKibben, composer, musician, arranger and business owner, began his band, Drive Time. Back then it only consisted of two musicians, and throughout the years — even though the ensemble has grown and shrunk — the band maintained its ability to make people smile.

McKibben says that that's what it's all about: “making people smile”. It’s for reasons like that that he loves his job; being able to help make a person’s day just a little bit better. What's more, he feels blessed that he has the opportunity to make a living off of his passion.

“Not many people are able to make a living off of what they love to do,” he said.

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than the band's music is the bond they share. At every turn, band members were ready to proclaim that Drive Time was their second family. That feeling is certainly helped by the fact that some of the band members are actually related. Micah Mckibben sings alongside his father in the band. When asked about what he gets most out of being in the band, he answered “being able to make people forget their days.” He says that it's rewarding to see the stress melt away from people's faces, a sentiment shared by Scott Lansburg, whose son, Jon, is also in the band. He says that music can be therapeutic, erasing tension and helping people to feel free to express themselves.

One thing that helps bind these musicians together so well is one of the main things that Mack McKibben looks for when hiring: character. Mack McKibben believes it matters as much if not more than musicianship, simply because tight knit groups like Drive Time that have such a close connection are able to work together musically. That’s not to say that they don’t have any heavy hitters when it comes to musicians. Mack himself has been playing professionally for around 45 years, and he’s taught everything to his son, Micah. Along with the rhythm section is the three piece jazz combo with a saxophonist a trumpet player and trombone player. There are four singers currently and two guitar players.

Even though he exceeds the age of most of the band (by how much he wasn't willing to say), Mack McKibben says that he still learns plenty of things from the other members of the band. “Iron sharpens iron.”

Drive time will be playing the final Newton County Arts Association Summer Concert on the Square, September 11 at 7 p.m.Mack McKibben stated that he was excited and that his band is “guaranteed to bring a party.”