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District spelling bee starts Friday

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Randy Reeves
By: staff_report2

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The Newton County School System will host the 2016 District Spelling Bee on Friday, February 5, at 10:30 a.m. at Newton High School. Each of the school system’s elementary and middle schools will send its spelling bee champion to participate in the county-wide competition. Each school will also send its runner up as an alternate in the event the school champion is unable to participate.

“Even in the technology-rich world that we live in today, spelling continues to be an important tool because the written word is so powerful,” said Benjamin B. Roundtree, Director of Elementary Schools. “Among other things, the spelling bee supports our students’ learning by enhancing their understanding of vocabulary relative to spelling and by promoting correct word usage. Indeed, spelling bee competitions in our schools continue to be highly anticipated events, and we are happy to continue this venerable tradition.”

During the competition, contestants must spell the word they are given correctly. Once they have started to spell a word, the contestant cannot change the letters once they are spoken out loud. If a speller fails to spell the word correctly, they are out of the competition.

When only two competitors remain, the elimination procedure will change. If one finalist misses a word, the other finalist will spell the next word on the caller’s list. If the contestant spells that word and the next word on the list correctly, he or she will be declared the winner. If he or she misspells either of those two words, the other finalist will be given the next word on the caller’s list to spell. If that finalist spells the next word and the next correctly, he or she will be declared the winner. If both misspell their word, both shall continue in the bee and the one who first misspelled his or her word shall be given the next word on the caller’s list to spell.

The judges and the Newton County Spelling Bee Committee are in complete control of the bee at all times and the judges’ decision shall be final on all matters.

Parents and family members are invited to attend the NCSS Spelling Bee; however, we ask that parents refrain from bringing infants and small children to the competition as they may distract the contestants. We also ask that flash photography only be used after the competition is completed.

Newton County School System’s 2016 school-level spelling bee champions are as follows:

School                                                    Champion                                          Alternate

East Newton Elementary              Riley Worley                                       Jewel Thomas

Fairview Elementary                       Joey Reynolds                                   Jaimoni Parker

Flint Hill Elementary                        Zada Atkism                                       Zavier Wallace

Heard-Mixon Elementary             Mason Westbrook                          Lynda Coots

Live Oak Elementary                       Nicholas Duclosel                             Naijha Barnes

Livingston Elementary                   Nikillis Johnson                                 Ashley Holland

Mansfield Elementary                   Dylan Jones                                        Steven Livingston

Middle Ridge Elementary             Domonick Cooper                            Taliah Cornish

Theme School                                   Scott Evritt                                          Cheyanne Washington

Oak Hill Elementary                         Shelby Housworth                           Aiden Ruffin

Porterdale Elementary                  Raina Mannah                                   Jaden Grier

Rocky Plains Elementary               Cameron Jones                                 David Remington

South Salem Elementary              Reagan Key                                        Leila Diallo

West Newton Elementary           Jade Neal                                            Isabel Cuadros

Clements Middle                             Jayden Wheeler                                               Justic Ferguson

Cousins Middle                                 Stephanie Vaughn                           Laura Jean Dole

Indian Creek Middle                       Jet Rawls                                             Brendan Glaspie

Liberty Middle                                   Safiyyah Rahim                                 David Byrke

Veterans Memorial Middle         Emerson Greendridge                   Jacob Lynch