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Dispute over election erupts at Alcovy High

A verbal dispute broke out at Alcovy High School Wednesday morning concerning the results of Tuesday night’s Presidential Election.

Some students got loud and began throwing items in the commons area, according to the Newton County School System (NCSS).

No crimes were committed or charges filed, according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO).

Word of a what was called a riot at the school began circulating on social media Wednesday morning, including a video of verbal back-and-forth between groups of students, separated by administrators.

"There were no riots and no weapons have been found on campus," said the NCSS in a statement. "That video was shared on social media with false claims that a riot was taking place at the school."

Alcovy was not placed on lockdown and has continued its normal daily schedule.

The NCSO posted a statement on its Facebook page that it had handled the situation at the school with no further altercations.