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Crime briefs: Underage drinking
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Three people were arrested and two 17-year-old girls were issued citations after they were found drinking at a hotel.

Brian Lott, David Kendall and Carly Mitchell were arrested and two 17-year-old girls were cited for underage drinking by a Covington police officer just before 3 a.m. Thursday.

According to a report from the Covington Police Department, a police officer responded to the Hampton Inn on Lochridge Boulevard in reference to an argument.

A security guard at the hotel told the officer that he received several complaints from guests about loud music in one of the hotel rooms.

The security officer visited the room and advised Lott to turn the music down, but the Lott reportedly told the security officer, "You can't tell me what to do" and shut the door.

The security guard went back to the office where he received more complaints and then decided to call police.

The police officer approached the room, which reportedly had music playing and spoke with Lott and Kendall. The officer told the two that they needed to leave the property, but then noticed that there were several open alcohol bottles and beer cans in the room and decided to ask for IDs.

Mitchell and two juvenile females were found to be under the age of 21. The officer asked the three if they had been drinking and they all replied that they were.

The two juvenile girls - described as still in high school - were picked up by their parents at the Hampton Inn and issued citations for consumption of alcohol under 21.

Mitchell was charged with consumption of alcohol under 21 and Lott and Kendall were charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor. The three were taken to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center.

Missing laptops on aisle 2

Two people got away with two laptops from Walmart on Wednesday. A Covington police officer responded to the Walmart located on Industrial Boulevard in reference to a theft of computers. An asset protection associate told the officer he and another employee noticed two computers had been stolen from the computer display area in the electronics department. The asset protection associate reviewed the surveillance video, which showed a large black male cut a security cord connected to the laptops and then place a laptop down the front of his pants and another laptop in the purse of a small white female who was with him. After concealing the laptops, the pair walked out of the store and then got into the back of a gold Chevrolet Impala. The laptops were described as a Dell notebook and a Sony 14 Ultrabook. The total amount of the items was an estimated $1,466.

Snap into a Slim Jim
A gas station store clerk told police that a young male stole several items and ran away from the business on Tuesday night.

A Covington police officer responded to the Raceway located on U.S. Highway 278 around 8 p.m. in reference to a male wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans shoplift from the store and run towards I-20. The officer looked around the area but was unable to locate the male so he returned back to the business and talked with the store clerk.

The store clerk told the officer that the male entered the store and seemed suspicious so she paid attention to him as he walked around the store.

She reportedly saw the male pick up at least three Slim Jims and leave the store without paying for the items.

The officer reviewed a surveillance video which showed the male go to the cookie aisle of the store to look at items and then to the front of the register where the clerk reportedly saw the male pick up the Slim Jims.

The male then walked to another isle, picked up gum and candy and then left the store.

The store clerk told the male that he needed to come back and pay for the items, but the male told her he didn't have anything and then ran from the store.