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Crime briefs: Theft turns green
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Officers were called to the Kroger on U.S. Highway 278 last Friday regarding an alleged incident of shoplifting. They met in the manager’s office with store manager Schawn Worman and Adrian Woods.

Prior to officers being called, Worman had observed Woods going into the bathroom with a can of Pringles potato chips and a bottle of Seagram’s Escapes alcoholic beverage. When he exited the bathroom, the can of Pringles was opened and he no longer had the bottle of Seagram’s Escapes, according to reports.

Another employee checked the bathroom and found an empty bottle of Seagram’s Escapes, and Worman escorted Woods to the manager’s office and called the police.

The total value of the items was $2.68.

When officers spoke to Woods, he admitted to taking the food and drink into the restroom and consuming them.

He said that he intended to pay for them, and also denied that he left the bottle of Seagram’s Escapes in the bathroom.

Officers arrested Woods based on his and Worman’s statements, and Woods was searched, two small bags containing a green, leafy substance were found in a cigarette box in his pocket.

Woods was issued citations for shoplifting and possession of marijuana.


On Saturday, officers responded to the QuikTrip on Ga. Highway 142 after reports that a car with a flat tire had jumped a curb.

Once on the scene, they observed three people — identified as Evelyn Jefferies, Moises Feliciano and Tracy Feliciano — standing around the vehicle, a red Grand Am. The vehicle belonged to Jefferies.

When asked where she was coming from and where she was going, Jefferies reportedly said, "Home."

She also said that she was not driving the car, and that her neighbor Tracy Feliciano was.

When interviewed separately, both Felicianos said that they had been traveling southbound on Ga. Highway 142 when they observed Jefferies driving with a flat tire.

Jefferies turned into the shopping center entrance near Taco Bell toward the Aldi parking lot, and the Felicianos followed her in an attempt to get her to pull over. They then witnessed her vehicle jump a concrete curb.

While talking to the officer, Jefferies allegedly admitted to have taken an Ambien prior to leaving home.

She was not able to complete a field sobriety test. She was placed under arrest and taken to the Newton County Detention Center, where she was given a blood-alcohol content test.

Alcohol was detected in her system, along with another chemical substance.